Stage Plays

Scrapbook — 2M, 2F (25-30 min.)

A story of stick bugs, banjos, and best friends in one act: After a summer of frolicking and friendship, the four residents of Camp Itchyknee’s Cabin 7, must say good bye. 12-year-old Isaac tries to confess to his best friend and crush, Domino, before her parents arrive to pick her up and take her back home to Seattle.

Scrapbook was one of the twelve nationwide finalists chosen for the Blank Theater’s 20th annual Young Playwrights Festival. It was performed at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood, CA in June 2012, directed by J. Richy Nash.

The Usual Place — 4M, 3F (30-35 min.)

Jasmine and her best friend Cole fly in to Chicago to visit her Uncle Lester’s small-time, downtown cafe, The Usual Place.

Adventure Calls — 2M (8-10 min.)

A British biologist searches for a rare breed of cat known as the Spotted Puffbreast deep within the Amazon Jungle. Unfortunately, his studies are interrupted by the eccentric and boisterous Indiana Jones-wannabe, Brock Rockmann, who is currently on his first ever real-life adventure.

Stitched Together — 2M, 1F (5-7 min.)

The mad scientist Dr. Spectre seeks to create a lover, whom he has named Ointment. His bumbling assistant who lives in a box, Box, is not helping matters.

The Starlight Troopers — 2M, 1F (5-7 min.)

The ranks of the crime-fighting Starlight Troopers are shaken up when the Blue Trooper is slain by the evil Galacticore! Tension heats up Blue’s funeral and the remaining Starlight Troopers, Red, Yellow, Green and Black, have to face their greatest challenge yet: each other.

Nobody Likes Clowns — 1M, 1F (2-3 min.)

A clown laments his life choices in front of a small child.