Lights up on the living room of a cabin at Camp Itchyknee, Wyoming. This particular cabin is Cabin 7, home of the Brown Stick Bugs, and there is a large poster of the animal hanging on the back wall. The room is filled with faux-Native American décor, and in the center of the room is a wooden table. Behind the table is a sofa. All of the cushions on the right half of the sofa have been removed and a pillow fort has been constructed out of the cushions and surrounding suitcases. Next to the fort are a dozen or so glass jars and cases filled with bugs. A 12-year old girl with a sash of merit badges on her chest, DOMINO, is hiding inside of the fort. At her side on the outside of the fort sits ISAAC, her best friend of the same age, who is looking at a scrapbook. There are two easy chairs on either side of the room, and two doors on each side of the stage. The door on stage left leads outside, and the door on stage right leads to the bedrooms. A younger, silent boy, TICK, sits plucking at a banjo on the stage right easy chair. Tick only communicates through whistles, but his cabin mates completely understand him.

ISAAC: (Flipping through scrapbook) know it’s here somewhere… Come on… come on… Ah! Here we go! Page twenty-five. There’s a picture of you earning your Reckless Rafting Badge for careening down a waterfall in a canoe. See? I totally got that photo, just like I told you. (Holds up the book so she can see it)

DOMINO: (From inside the fort) Okay, great.

ISAAC: Domino, you can’t even see!

DOMINO: I totally can, Isaac.

ISAAC: You cannot!

DOMINO: Yes I can! I’ve got a little peephole right here in the fort I can see you through.

ISAAC: Come on. You asked me to find this picture for you like forever ago!

DOMINO: Uh, yeah, before I built the fort. Now I can’t leave or else I won’t be safe from my parents when they try to pick me up.

ISAAC: This fort couldn’t protect you from anything.

DOMINO: Nuh uh! Inside this fort, I am invincible!

ISAAC: (Pushes over a cushion and the fort comes collapsing down on Domino.) Your invincibility shield is down!

DOMINO: (She pops her head out of the wrecked fort and gasps loudly) Traitor! I will have my revenge!

Domino bursts out of the pile of cushions and tackles Isaac and they start a pillow fight. Tick notices their fighting and begins to play a heated banjo accompaniment for their battle, bouncing up and down to the beat of his music. After a few seconds of fighting the room gets even messier as pillows are thrown about and suitcases are toppled. Suddenly BETH bursts through the door stage right. She is a bossy girl with two red pig tails, glasses, and a prominent lisp. She is the leader of Cabin 7.

BETH: What is this?! (The other three campers instantly stop what they’re doing and stand at attention in a line. She paces back and forth and front of them like a drill sergeant.) What. Is. This?! A pillow fight? It’s the last day of camp, and you three pick today of all days to have a pillow fight?! Honestly, you guys are the biggest disgrace to this campsite I have ever seen. This is why we’re in Cabin 7 instead of instead of Cabin 6. Camp Itchyknee used to be a proud institution! Kids didn’t behave like this back in my day!

DOMINO: You’re only a year older than us, Beth!

BETH: (Wheeling on her) Uh, no. I’m thirteen, and you are twelve. There is a big difference.

DOMINO: Is not!

BETH: Uh, is so. I’m a teenager, and you’re all just preteens. That’s just one of the many reasons that I am in charge around here.

DOMINO: (Whispering to Isaac) In charge of being bossy(Isaac giggles)

BETH: I heard that! Ugh. Insubordination. It’s because of stuff like this that I haven’t been promoted to the leader of a better Cabin yet.

ISAAC: What does insubordination mean?

BETH: It means stop fighting and clean up this mess! All of you, finish packing. And don’t forget to finish your Camp Journals. If the counselors find one of yours isn’t done yet, then my promotion is as good as gone. (She heads towards the door) Now, I’m off to do important things. (She casts a glance at Domino) Teenager things. (Exits)

DOMINO: Like what, having your period? (Sticks her tongue out)

ISAAC: What’s a period?


TICK: (Whistles two notes as a response)  ♪~ ♪

DOMINO: Tick! Ew! Don’t tell him!

ISAAC: Tell me what?

TICK: (Whistles) 

DOMINO: (Cupping his mouth) Tick, shut up! We have to clean up this mess before Miss Huffypants gets back.

ISAAC: Alright. (The three begin to pick up pillows and suitcases, when Isaac stumbles on a toppled jar) Uh oh. Hey Domino, it looks like one of your bugs has escaped.

DOMINO: (Horrified) What?! Which one was it? (She rushes over and grabs the jar.) Oh no, it was the caterpillar! And he was just about to turn into a butterfly too! Oh, this is so bad! Hermy? Hermy where are you? (She rips through the pile of cushions searching for her lost bug.) Come on, come on!

TICK: (Strums a chord on his banjo and points it at a spot on the floor)

DOMINO: Ya see him, Tick? Where?

TICK: (Strums the same chord again and makes the same motion, slightly irritated)

DOMINO: Okay, okay, sorry. I didn’t hear you. (She walks over to the spot he pointed at) There you are! But now I’ve gotta catch you again… stay right there, Hermy! (Domino runs behind the couch and pulls out a small toy bug net that has clearly seen quite a bit of use. She lays down on the floor and begins to caterpillar wiggle towards Hermy about as stealthily as you can caterpillar wiggle at something.)

ISAAC: Be careful Domino! Caterpillars are poisonous!

DOMINO: Shh! You’ll scare him away! I know what I’m doing. To catch a bug, you must be a bug! Little closer… little closer… Gotcha! See? They don’t call me the Master of Bugs for nothin’!

ISAAC: Nobody calls you that.

DOMINO: They do too!

TICK: ♪ ♪ ♪ (“No they don’t.”)

DOMINO: Shut up Tick.

ISAAC: “Master of Bugs” sounds like the lamest merit badge ever.

DOMINO: Uh, it is the best merit badge ever. And one that I totally have!

ISAAC: You have a Master of Bugs badge.

DOMINO: I have three Master of Bugs badges!

ISAAC: What? How?

DOMINO: (Proudly) Stole ‘em!

ISAAC:  W-what!? What if you get in trouble? What if the camp counselors find out!?

DOMINO: Pishaw, what are they gonna do to me on the last day of camp? Yell at my empty bedroom?

ISAAC: I heard that if the counselors catch kids that are being troublemakers they send them to a cabin in the woods and make them bunk with a bear. You can’t take on a bear!

DOMINO: I could totally take on a bear.

ISAAC: (Ignoring her) Oh man, if they catch you I’ll never see you again! What if they figure out that the badges or missing! Or worse- (terrified) what if Beth finds out?

DOMINO: You’re making this up. There’s no bear cabin for misbehaving kids. If there was then I would have been sent there forever ago.

ISAAC: I’m not making this up! I bet you’re making this up. Master of Bugs isn’t a merit badge.

DOMINO: It so is! Look, there’s a picture of me getting it on page 36 of your scrapbook. (Domino grabs the scrapbook and turns it to page 36) See, right there! It’s on my sash next to that pray mantis.

ISAAC: Why do you know what page it’s on?

DOMINO: I marked all the pages with pictures of me doing bug things with ladybug stickers in the top right corner. See?

ISAAC: Did you mark any of my badges?

DOMINO: I marked all of your pages with dung beetles. (She sticks her tongue out at him and blows him a raspberry.)

ISAAC: (Gives her a playful shove.) And did you mark pages with Tick’s badges on them with tick stickers?

TICK: Looks eager.

DOMINO: No, I marked all of Tick’s pages with penguins.

TICK: Looks sad. He gives Domino a “What the heck” look.

DOMINO: I’m sorry, I ran out! I only got so many sticker bugs. That’s what I call ‘em, sticker bugs. Pretty clever, huh? I like it ‘cause it fits with our Cabin mascot. (She motions at the stick bug)

ISAAC: Hey, these actually make my scrapbook look a lot better. Do you still have any?

DOMINO: I think so. They’re on the last page. (She flips to the end of the book) Yup! Here they are. (Domino takes a frog sticker and puts it on Isaac’s forehead) Here, have a frog, Isaac!

ISAAC: Yes, I love frogs! (He notices Domino has a strand of hair in her face) Oh, hey Domino, your hair is all whacky again. (He brushes the hair out of her eyes for her.)

DOMINO: Oh. Thanks! (They look at each other for a second, through Domino is probably focusing on the frog on Isaac’s forehead.) 

ISAAC: (Feeling awkward) …Maybe we should get back to cleaning this up.

DOMINO: Oh, right. I totally forgot about that.

BETH: (Bursts in the door) Domino!


BETH: The camp counselor in Cabin 4 wants to see you! Apparently someone stole two Master of Bugs merit badges from Lily and Susan last week and their cabin is in hysterics about it. Come on!

ISAAC: (Whispering to Domino) You’re gonna get eaten by a bear!

DOMINO: (She gives him a look and begins to exit) Aw, come on, Beth. They were just sitting there on the ground, covered and mud and junk. That’s like asking me to take them.

BETH: You’d just better hope they don’t blame me for this little mishap, or else my promotion is history! I won’t even be able to claw my way up to Cabin 6 next year! Ugh. (Exits, tugging Domino by the sleeve)

TICK:  ♫

ISAAC: Ugh, I know Tick, I still haven’t told Domino that I like her.

TICK: ♪~♫!

ISAAC: I know it’s the last day of camp!

TICK: ♪~♪

ISAAC: And tomorrow her parents will take her back to Seattle and I’ll have to go back to Detroit, I know, I know! But what do I do?

TICK: ♪~♪~♫~♪

ISAAC: I can’t just tell her I like her! That’s… weird. And besides, what if she says no? What if she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore…

TICK: ♫~♪

ISAAC: Yeah, I guess we won’t be seeing each other anymore after tomorrow either way, but… Still, I want to make sure she says yes. What do I do, Tick? I need to impress her. (He collapses on the couch)

TICK: ♫~♪

ISAAC: No, that won’t work. You know I can’t dance.

TICK: ♪~♫?

ISAAC: No, that’s silly.


ISAAC: Tick! Ew! No! That’s gross!

TICK: (Shrugs. Tick thinks for a second and then suddenly gets an idea and snaps his fingers to indicate that he’s thought of something.) ♩~~♫~♪!

ISAAC: (Like it’s the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard) …“Serenade her?”

TICK: (Whistles the first few measures of the chorus of Can You Feel the Love Tonight)

ISAAC: No, I am not going to serenade Domino with Can You Feel the Love Tonight. That’s ridiculous. Besides, music is your thing.


ISAAC: Well thanks for your permission, but I’m not going to sing.

TICK: ♪~♪~♫~♪

ISAAC: I don’t know what I’m gonna do! Oh… I’ve gotta think of something fast. Domino’s parents are coming soon… Ah, what am I gonna do?!

DOMINO: (Reenters through the door with Beth, in a bit of a huff) Bah, who needs those badges anyway? I’ve got more merit badges than Lily and Susan will ever have.

BETH: I’m glad we got that settled, young lady.

ISAAC: Domino, you’re alive!

BETH: Good observation Isaac, A+. I can see why you’re the photographer around here. Now Domino, I want you on your best behavior for the rest of the day, alright?

DOMINO: Best behavior my butt.

BETH: Domino! Don’t say “butt.” Butt is a loser thing that only a Cabin 7 Stick Bug would say.  If we want to be in a better Cabin next year, we have to start acting like we belong there. Say… say “patookus” instead!

DOMINO: (Horribly confused by her lisp.) Say what?

BETH: Patookus. That’s what a Cabin 2 Black Bear would say. Patookus! What a word. Beautiful! I can feel my promotion as we speak! (She exits, and then pops her head back through the door) Oh, and don’t forget to finish your Camp Journals. Important stuff. (Exits again, from off) Patookus! What a word!

ISAAC: What happened?

DOMINO: Oh, nothing. Tweedledee and Tweedledumb over there in Cabin 4 were throwing a hissy fit about those badges. They probably didn’t deserve them anyway.

ISAAC: Did you give them back?

DOMINO: Yeah, but I managed to grab some of their goodbye cookies on the way out. Here. (She takes out two cookies and throws one to Isaac and the other to Tick.)

ISAAC: Thanks!

TICK: ♪!

DOMINO: You’re welcome. (She looks at the remaining mess.) Well guys, we could clean this up like the good campers we are, or we look through Isaac’s scrapbook and share some memories on our last day together. (They all look at each other for a second and without saying anything hop over onto the couch. Isaac holds the scrapbook in the middle while Domino sits on his left and Tick on his right.)

ISAAC: “My Summer at Camp Itchyknee.” I guess we should start at the beginning. Look, here’s us on our very first day of camp.

DOMINO: Ugh, look at my sash, I don’t even have a single merit badge yet. And not a bug in sight. What a waste.

ISAAC: Maybe we should skip ahead a bit, those first few weeks were so boring. We didn’t know each other at all yet. It was just us thinking Beth was actually in charge of things. How stupid were we?

DOMINO: Pretty stupid I guess.

TICK: (Points an excited finger at the page Isaac has just turned to) ♪!

DOMINO: Aw, look! It’s Tick’s first tick!

ISAAC: Look at the little guy!

DOMINO: And I bet his second tick was right around the corner!

ISAAC: (Flips the page) Yup, there it is.

DOMINO: (Like a documentary narrator, miming a microphone) And in time, the great Tick eventually went on to break the Camp Itchyknee record for Most Ticks on One Camper record with a staggering thirty-six ticks.

TICK: ♫~♫!

DOMINO: Thirty-seven, sorry.

ISAAC: What a weekend that was. Oh, hey, this is right after I dropped my first camera in the lake.

DOMINO: It took forever to raise enough money to order a new one for you, ya klutz.

ISAAC: (Taps the camera around his neck) And it hasn’t failed me yet!

DOMINO: Here’s that time we beat Cabin 1 in the rowing race!

ISAAC: Oh man, they were so mad at us. That was hilarious.

TICK: ♫~♪

ISAAC: Hey yeah, this was the first time you showed us you could play the banjo. Oh, that was an awesome campfire. The whole camp came and we all made s’mores and sang campfire songs and told ghost stories.

DOMINO: And I stuck a cricket into Maggie Olson’s marshmallow while she was roasting it. (Tick giggles, as if remembering the event well)

ISAAC: No way.

DOMINO: Yeah way! Check it out, you can totally see me doing it in the background.

ISAAC: Oh man, you totally can! That’s awesome!

DOMINO: And you totally got a picture! You’re awesome!

ISAAC: You’re awesome!

BOTH: Awesome! (They high five, Tick continues to flip through the pages looking for more pictures of himself)

DOMINO: (Eying the pages) You sure wrote a lot in this thing for a scrapbook.

ISAAC: Well it’s my Camp Journal too. I wanted mine to look cooler than everyone else’s, so I filled it with a bunch of pictures I took.

DOMINO: Wait. This is your Journal?

ISAAC: Um, yeah?

DOMINO: (Grins mischievously and snatches the book from Isaac and begins to read it as Isaac tries to grab it back from her.) “Dear Camp Journal, I am not having the best week. Earlier the boys from Cabin 5 pushed me over in my canoe and they got my new camera all wet, but Domino totally beat them up for me afterwards.” Yeah I did!

ISAAC: Come on Domino, give it back!

DOMINO: She’s really nice and smart and pretty and a lot better than me at everything!

ISAAC: I did not write that!

DOMINO: Did too!

ISAAC: Give it back! (They tussle for a second and Isaac manages to grab the book by wrapping his arms around Domino. He pulls the scrapbook back and her with it so it looks like they are hugging. The two smile at each other for a moment.)

TICK: …(Whistles the chorus from Can You Feel the Love Tonight again.)

ISAAC: (Breaks the hug and pushes Tick away, whispering) Shut up, Tick. Domino, you’ve got hair in your eyes again. (He brushes it out of the way).

DOMINO: Thanks. Hey, maybe we should actually pick some of this stuff up before-

BETH: (Bursts in the room) How’s it going, underlings? Oh, come on. I told you to clean this place up like half an hour ago! And have any of you even started your last Journal entry yet? (All three kids shake their heads no) thought not. Fine, if you kids can’t be bothered to get off of your lazy patookases, then I suppose I’ll have to lead by way of example. I’ll write in my Journal first. Twelve-year-olds. Honestly(She goes into the bedrooms stage right and returns with a professional-looking Journal.) Now you three clean up this mess while I finish my Journal. See that? It’s task management(The other three begrudgingly do so. Beth walks downstage and sits crisscross applesauce, writing in her journal, reading it aloud and more or less addressing the audience.) Camp Journal Entry 247: Final Entry. Welp, it’s been a wild ride, journal, but we did it. I don’t know how, but I managed to straighten out the most backwards trio of children I have ever come across. If not for my sheer determination and leadership skills, we never would’ve gotten this far, but because of my numerous talents these kids are well upon their way to becoming proud Eagles of Cabin 1. (Tick drops suitcase in the background and it makes a loud bang.)

ISAAC: Tick!

TICK: ♫…

BETH: Well, proud Squirrels of Cabin 5, anyway. We’ve really grown together and bonded and all that stuff. I think a reward is in order. Perhaps next year they can all be promoted to Cabin 6. Sad as it may be, I, their valiant leader, will not be joining them. I will be a Lnyx of Cabin 3. Or maybe a Bear in Cabin 2. (With almost erotic fervor) Or maybe an Eagle in Cabin 1. That’s the only place a leader of my stature belongs. I’m sure the counselors will see my greatness and agree with me wholeheartedly. This is Soon-to-be-Eagle Beth, signing off. See you next summer. (She closes the Journal. The room should be mostly, if not all cleaned up by now. Beth moves upstage and reenters scene.) See? How hard was that? Not very. Now I want you all to get to writing your Journals. But first, I need some help with some heavy lifting duty out by the lake. Any takers? (Silence) Domino, thanks for volunteering!

DOMINO: What? Why me!? I didn’t even do anything wrong this time!

BETH: (Puts her arm around Domino) Well Domino, to be honest, these are some heavy bags we’re going to be lifting, and when it comes to strength, well… (She looks at Tick and Isaac) Let’s just say you’re the best candidate I’ve got for the job.

DOMINO: Can’t argue with that logic!

BETH: Finish your Journals while we’re out, gentlemen. (Exits)


ISAAC: …Do you think “Heavy lifting duty” is code for “Bear feeding?”

TICK: (Angry) ♪~♪~♫~♪!!!

ISAAC: Whaddaya mean I missed the perfect moment?

TICK: ♫~♪!

ISAAC: Wait, I was being romantic?

TICK: ♪!

ISAAC: I didn’t even notice! …Oh no, I missed the perfect moment! (He begins pacing. During the next few lines Tick attempts to interrupt Isaac by whistling, but he doesn’t notice.) Does this mean I’ll never be able to tell her? Darnit! Darnit, darnit, darnit, darnit! I’m doomed! (♪?) I’ll never be able to tell Domino that I like her and I’ll have to keep this secret inside of me forever and I’ll go back to school in the fall and I won’t be able to focus (♫.) because I’ll just be sitting in my desk all day thinking about what life would have been like if I had told her and my teachers will hate me and I’ll fail all my classes because I wasn’t able to pay attention (♫) and I won’t get into high school and then I won’t get into college and then I’ll be a hobo for the rest of my life! (♫) And the worst part of it is that I’ll be a lovesick hobo! That is the worst kind of hobo! My life is ruined!

TICK: ♫!


TICK: ♪. ♪. ♪.

ISAAC: I can’t just ask her! She’ll think I’m weird!

TICK: ♪~♪~♫~♪.

ISAAC: She already thinks I’m weird?

TICK: ♪.

ISAAC: Oh. But Tick, I… what do I do? It’s so hard…

TICK: (Sighs loudly, then takes a deep breath. He whistles an enormous monologue that gets rid of all of Isaac’s doubts.)

ISAAC: …Wow. Thanks Tick.

TICK: ♫~♫.

ISAAC: Hey, I just remembered, you never told me what a period was.

TICK: (Realizes this is true and grabs his banjo. He begins to whistle a tune that sounds exactly like “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” This song, however, is about menstruation, and Tick spreads his legs and pelvic thrusts throughout the song periodically [no pun intended] to accent his tune. Isaac gets progressively more and more grossed out as the song goes on.)

ISAAC: …Ew. Well I’ll, uh. I’ll go think about that… While throwing up in the bathroom.(He goes into the bedroom. Tick shrugs and removes his journal from underneath his easy chair and begins to write. Tick narrates his words, but only through a voice over. His voice is very soft and he has a slight southern accent.)

TICK: Hello, Camp Journal. I can’t thank you enough for bringin’ me here. I’ve met so many new friends this summer. One of them is puking in the bathroom behind me right this very instant. His name is Isaac. He likes this girl named Domino, but he’s too scared to tell her because he’s a bit of a wuss. Those two are my best friends ever. I can communicate with them through whistling. Isn’t that neat? Also there’s Beth, she’s our cabin leader. Wait, maybe her name is Bess. I’ve never been able to tell. She’s got a lisp like a garden sprinkler, that girl. I’ve never bothered to ask her. I don’t bother to ask much, but now I don’t need to because I can just play my banjo and whistle and everyone understands what I want to say, and none of the Camp Counselors can understand when I swear! Oh, wait. This goes right to the counselors, doesn’t it? Uh… Just kiddin’! Forget everything I just said, because this pencil doesn’t have an eraser. …I don’t really want to go back to Tennessee, but it’s okay I guess because I know we’ll all come back next Summer, and then we’ll get to hang out and whistle again together. Love, Tick. (He closes the book and puts it on the table the in the center of the room. Beth and Domino come back in.)

DOMINO: Hoo, you weren’t kidding, those were heavy!  (Isaac walks out of the bathroom, queasy-looking. He sees Domino, looks at her crotch for a second, and goes back in to throw up again.) What’s wrong with him?

TICK: (Shrugs, begins to play on his banjo again)

BETH: Tick, did you do your Journal?

TICK: (Nods)

BETH: Good! Domino, how about you?

DOMINO: I’ll get to it eventually.

BETH: Domino, what would a Cabin 1 Eagle say?

DOMINO: Patookus?

BETH: No, a Cabin 1 Eagle would say, “Right away, Miss Beth ma’am,” and get straight to work on it this very instant, missy.

DOMINO: Ugh, fine(Domino grabs her Journal from the table and walks to the front of the stage.) Dear Journal, you are stupid and I hate you. I’m going to do fun camp things instead of writing in you. (She tosses the book off in a random direction.) Done!

BETH: My, that was fast.

DOMINO: I write quick.

BETH: Good work! I’ll be out then. One last errand to do. Tell Isaac to finish his Journal when you see him. (She leaves again. Isaac comes back out of the bathroom, Tick taps him on the shoulder and gives him a shove towards Domino, who has not noticed him yet. The next conversation is in whisper and whatever the whispering equivalent of whistling is.)

TICK: ♪~♪~♫~♪!

ISAAC: Yeah, I know she’s right there, Tick, I can see her.

TICK: ♪~♫~♪!

ISAAC: What do you mean, “Go and get her?” Tick, I can’t, it just won’t work. I’m not good at this.

TICK: (Lets out an exasperated sigh. Tick looks at Domino, who still hasn’t noticed them, and inhales a huge gulp of air. Tick then does a loud, come-hither wolf whistle at Domino and dives out of the way onto the floor with his banjo before she turns around so it looks like Isaac did it.)

DOMINO: Uh, hi?

ISAAC: (Casts a furious look at Tick, who has a little halo floating above his head and pretends to be totally innocent and oblivious to the whistle. Isaac sees he is getting no more help from Tick and turns to Domino.) Heh… Uh… Um… Domino, I, uh… I need to tell you something.

DOMINO: Yeah, with a whistle like that I figured.

ISAAC: We, uh… What I’m trying to say is…


ISAAC: I… We… We need to barricade the door before your parents come! Now that your fort is gone there’s nothing protecting you! (Tick facepalms)

DOMINO: Oh my god you are totally right! Quick, help me move this chair! (The two of them push an armchair in front of the door, blocking it.) We’re safe now. (There is a loud thud as if someone has just run into the door.)

ISAAC: They’re here!!! (Isaac and Domino run around like idiots for a second as Isaac screams things along the lines of “They’re gonna kill us” and “It’s the bear”. Tick watches in amusement. After a few more knocks a voice comes booming from beyond the door.)

BETH: You guys!!! Let me in there, right now or I am going to demote all of you so hard that we’ll have to make a Cabin 8! (Domino pulls the chair out of the way and Beth comes in.) Ugh! I can’t believe you. I come to give you three a heartfelt farewell from your indispensable leader and you go and lock me outside!

ISAAC: Sorry Beth, we thought you were Domino’s parents.

BETH: Well her parents aren’t here yet, but mine just arrived. I’m leaving in five minutes, and I wanted to get one last picture with you guys.

ISAAC: Aww! Beth!

BETH: Aw, shaddup and get your camera out. Come on guys. (They all get together on the couch and Isaac holds out his camera in front of him to take the photo.) Everyone say “Patookus!”

ALL BUT TICK: (Mimicking Beth’s lisp) Patookus!

 BETH: (Takes the camera and looks at it.) Ah, humble beginnings. One day this picture’s gonna be up in my office when I’m in charge of this place. But right now Isaac, you can keep it.

ISAAC: Gee, thanks.

BETH: Now I’m off! See you next summer, campers! Attention! (She salutes them, they salute back) At ease! Hut, two, three four, hut, two, three four… (She exits)

DOMINO: I hate to say this, but I’m gonna miss her. So long, Beth. (Beth pops her head back in)

BETH: Hey, Tick!

DOMINO: Okay, that wasn’t long enough.

BETH: Your parents are here too! Come on!

ISAAC: Oh, Tick…

TICK: (Walks over to Isaac and Domino and hugs them.) I love you. (Tick breaks the hug and begins to exit).

DOMINO: Bye Tick! (He turns back to look at the two of them and gives Isaac a glance. He then exits, strumming his banjo and whistling the chorus to Can You Feel the Love Tonight one last time.) …Welp, I guess it’s just us.

ISAAC: Yeah.

DOMINO: Hey Isaac.

ISAAC: Yeah?

DOMINO: You’re my best friend. (She hugs him)

ISAAC: …Mine too.

DOMINO: Hey, you wanna do something fun before we say goodbye? (She runs over to her bug stuff) We could let all the crickets loose and try to catch them! Or we could-

ISAAC: Hey Domino?


ISAAC: I, uh… I have something really important to tell you.

DOMINO: (She walks over to him) What is it? (They hold hands)

ISAAC: Well… I’ve been wanting to say this for a while now, and… I don’t know how to… I’m really bad at finding the words for… What I want to say is- (He is interrupted by a car honking its horn outside)

DOMINO: Oh… That must be my parents. (They stare at each other) So… what did you want to say? This might be the last time you get to tell me.

ISAAC: I… I just… (He looks at her for a moment.) …You’ve got some hair in your eyes again. (He brushes the hair out of her eyes, and then quickly kisses her on the lips. He steps back a bit, both of them are sort of shocked at what he just did. Domino breaks out of his hands and runs out the door. Isaac stands alone and looks at the floor utterly dejected. Then suddenly she runs back in, wraps her arms around him and kisses him.)

DOMINO: Next summer, okay? (She hugs him and runs out the door again. Isaac, overwhelmed by what just happened, walks over to the couch and plops down onto it. He picks up his scrap book and looks over it.)

ISAAC: …Next summer. (He flips through a few more pages as the lights fade to black.)