“Nimbus” Mass Transit System

Nimbus and Nimcar designs from many angles by Brendan Blaber.We were challenged to create a design system from scratch for any service and our trio picked a mass transport system. First we created a name, custom logo, and branding rules (Cocogoose is a fun typeface!). Next the team split up and began creating different applications for the system. My application was the Nimbus vehicles and designing their wraps, the Nimbus, Nimcar, and Nimbike. I forced myself to use Illustrator for this project, which is a program I decidedly dislike. I’m not bad at it but it feels especially slow compared to Photoshop work.

The logo design was a collaborative effort, the branding guidelines and signage were Bella’s while Matt was in charge of the phone app. This is one of my favorite projects I worked on during my time at U of I, I’m really happy with how it came out and would love to work with this team again in the future.