Point O Design Studio

Our class was split into teams of three and challenged to create a design studio based on their personal design interests and philosophies and then come up with branding for it. We went through a lot of ideas before arriving at Point O, some of which can be seen in the early logo sketches below, including Upward MovementMagic Touch, and Diamondize. The studio’s goal was to take local businesses, touch them up, and allow them to reach their full potential through design and marketing. Hence “Point O” as in “Version 2.0.”

The logo design we went with is a single dot (or point!) of ink with another drop falling into it. I think it does the best job of reflecting Point O‘s ideal: Friendly, Local, and Creative. People have commented that it looks like a squid! I like it.

The original design suite included a logo, letterhead, and businesscard. The next semester I decided to touch up the system as a personal revision project, where I added envelope designs and a small flyer for advertising.

Original Design Team: Klaritza Rojas, Laura-Ann Wells