Brendan Blaber is a voice actor, writer, illustrator, and independent video maker currently based outside of Dallas, TX. Brendan spends most of his time writing and producing videos for his YouTube channel JelloApocalypse which is going strong at 1.3 million subscribers and counting! He is best known for his So This is Basically series of parody animations which pokes fun at cartoons, games, and anime as well as his Movie Reviews in 10 Words or Less series where he reviews entire movie catalogues and franchises in bulk.

In his spare time Brendan writes and illustrates a webcomic called Cornucopia, which updates on Tuesdays. He also does work as a professional voice actor, mostly on independant projects.

If you are interested in hiring Brendan for voice work or anything else, shoot him an email at JelloApocalypse@gmail.com.