About + Contact

Hi! I'm Brendan Blaber. I'm a voice actor, writer, illustrator, author, and independent video-maker based out of Los Angeles. I spend most of my time writing and producing videos for my YouTube channel which is going strong at 1.9 million subscribers and counting! In 2019 I created an animated series called Epithet Erased, but I'm probably best known for So This is Basically, a series of animations that fun at various cartoons, games, and anime. I like singing and voicing skeletons. Perhaps you would like to hire me to sing as a skeleton. That's the dream.

If you want to contact me for voice work or anything else, shoot me an email at BrendanBlaberVA@gmail.com. I am fully equipped with a professional home studio and fully remote-capable. I am also occasionally available for writing work on professional-scale productions with a specialization in animation.

STUDIO SPECS: Whisper Room, Neuman TLM103 microphone, Scarlet 2i2 XLR, Reaper DAW, Ethernet Connection

ACTOR SPECS: 29 years old, 6'5", LGBT+ (Bisexual, Polyamorous), White Irish-American, Baritone (D2-C4, up to D5 in falsetto)

You can also follow me on Twitter at @BrendanBlaber