Brendan Blaber

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I’m an illustrator with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. In addition to design work, I’m also interested in voice acting, writing, improv, and animation. I’m a fan of pastel colors, bubble water, elevator music, and singing songs under my breath at a volume just loud enough to scare people. In my spare time, I run a livestreamed Unforgotten Realms variant called Anime Campaign and publish the comedy/fantasy web comic Cornucopia which you should read.

My fulltime job is creating content with a handful of other artists and voice actors for my YouTube channel JelloApocalypse, which has over 80 million views and 900k subscribers. The channel is known for its semi-animated Welcome To and So This is Basically series, which make fun of social media sites and pop culture, though we also produced the discontinued Cucumber Quest fandub and Baccano! Abridged, and occasionally upload quick movie reviews and one-off comic dubs.

As part of my YouTube career I’ve made appearances at Youmacon in Detroit, MI, and Shumatsucon in Columbus, OH. I’ve also been interviewed for V89/WVFSU Radio, Three Cents Worth, The Cyber Den, and Better Know a Youtuber.

Special Skills

  • Graphic Design and Typesetting
  • Video editing and Photography
  • Board game design
  • Branding and Creative consulting
  • Social media and Web design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Voice direction and casting
  • Improv, theater and voiceover
  • Play and Screenplay writing

For business inquiries, con invites, project proposals, or just plain getting in touch, send me a message.