Character Demo 2018

Video Games

Project Role Producer
Borderlands 3 Freddie, Maurice Gearbox
Forgotten Waters Patches the Ship Surgeon, Skeletons, Angel, various Plaid Hat Games
Grand Guilds Prince Stefano Drix Studios
Paladins Shore Patrol Koga Evil Mojo Games
SMITE Mothman Ah Muzen Cab Hi-Rez Studios
Pizza Game Sensei, Sav, additional voices Scrubbadubs
BattleCon Online Hikaru, Evil Hikaru Level 99 Games
Lake of Voices The Guide GB Patch Games
XOXO Droplets Shiloh Fields GB Patch Games
Yandere Simulator Megumo, Junior Police Officer YandereDev
The Pirate Mermaid Jack Navigame
Seduce Me 2: The Demon War Saero, Connor Seraphim Entertainment
Queen At Arms Spymaster Fox Aqualuft Games


Project Role Producer
My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Mummy Funimation
No Guns Life Avi Cobo Funimation
Thermae Roma Various Sound Cadence Studios
The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue Thes Grand Bishop of Terra Funimation/Okratron 5000
Fire Force Setsuo Miyamoto Funimation
Actor's Song Connection Uwajima, additional voices Funimation/Sound Cadence Studios
This Boy Will Be Called a Villain Yukihiro Sera Kuma Holdings/Sound Cadence Studios

Web Series

Project Role Producer
The Cyanide and Happiness Show - High Robot Sewer Clown Bot Explosm Entertainment
Epithet Erased Ben, Various Scrubbadubs
Hiro the Dense Hiro Zedrin
Aphmau Zack BluJay Studios
Hades' Misguidance Pit, Dark Pit, Ike ZeldaUniverse
So This Is Basically Series Narrator, Various JelloApocalypse
E-Fame Survival Guide Pink-Haired Guy Jaltoid Cartoons
Project Voicebend Episode 19/20 Avatar Wan Project Voicebend
Pokemon Daycare Ash, Skitty Guy GingerPale
If Uno Was an Anime Extras JelloApocalypse
Pokemon 'Bridged Episode 25 Male Biker Elite3
The Secret of Monkey Island - Fast Facts! Narrator, Pirate, Parrot Lore
LORE - Insomniac Games Lore in a minute! Narrator Lore
Pokemon Shaming 2: Holiday Collab Delibird, Ghosts SFS Animation
Welcome To Series Narrator, Various JelloApocalypse


Project Role Producer
A Minute A Day Voice Seraphim Entertainment
Choose Me: Danny or Alex Danny Seraphim Entertainment
Fishy Love — Undertale Alphys Song Papyrus Fandroid


Class Year(s) Instructor
VA Workshop w/ Bryan Massey April 2019 Tia Ballard, Chuck Huber, Jeremy Inman, Rawly Pickens, Bryan Massey
Kyle Philips’s Recording Your Own Content! March 2019 Kyle Phillips + Colleen Clinkenbeard
Lead Role Voice Acting November 2018 Felecia Angelle + Nathanael Harrison
Intermediate Anime Dubbing October 2018 Sonny Strait
Basic Anime Dubbing August 2018 Sonny Strait
Improv Coaching 2015-2016 University of Illinois
Improv Classes 2011-2016 University of Illinois, Various
Community Theater, 22 Productions 2007-2012 Various